Warranty Policy

All warranty is subject to proper installation and maintenance of the storage facility in accordance with the Pro-Guard Operations & Maintenance Manual.

Failure to abide by the Operations & Maintenance Manual the Warranty becomes void. Any failure resulting from misuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, or improper maintenance by the End User is not covered by Warranty.

Pro-Guard HAZMAT Storage Solutions are covered by this Warranty for:

  • Defects in workmanship and material – one year from the date of shipment
  • Structural Integrity – five years from date of shipment
  • Coatings – one year from date of shipment
  • Components – carry original manufacturer's warranty; consult your Operation & Maintenance Manual.

Any warranty expressed is only intended to cover parts. Any labour, or freight charges incurred are at the expense of the customer. It is expressly agreed by the parties herein that this shall be the Customers / End User's sole and exclusive remedy against the seller. The right to recover consequential and incidental damages is expressly waived and such damages are excluded.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions or affiliated companies with Pro-Guard, employees or suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever (including without limitation, special incidental, consequential, or indirect damages for personal injury, loss of business profits, business interruption, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use this product, even if the End User has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

These warranties are your exclusive warranties and replace all other warranties or conditions, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties or conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

  • The warranty period for Pro-Guard commences as of the date of ownership of the product. Ownership of the facility transfers to the Customer / End User upon leaving the manufacturing facility.
  • Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions shall have no responsibility under this Warranty until it has been paid in full for the product.
  • Any disputes arising from warranty and building purchases are to be handled in the province of Alberta, Canada.
  • Warranty service requests are to be submitted in writing to Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions. Warranty Service may be provided by Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions and / or its agents, employees or any 3rd Party designated by Pro-Guard Environmental Solutions.
  • Any claim under this warranty must be presented during the warranty period and within 14 days after any condition has occurred.

Thank you for purchasing a Pro-Guard Storage Facility, we trust that it will meet all of your expectations for storing Hazardous Materials.

We will attempt to assist our clients with replacement parts as may be needed due to normal wear and / or extreme conditions.

Should the use or scope of your Pro-Guard Storage Facility change, we would be happy to help you with new components to add to your existing facility.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding your Pro-Guard Storage Facility please contact our Customer Service Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.