Accessories & Options

Additional accessories to ensure you meet all site-specific requirements

Pre-fabricated, pre-engineered Pro-Guard facilities combine effective time savings as well as cost reduction

Customize your hazardous material containment system or shower to meet your site-specific convenience and application needs by taking advantage of a pre-fabricated and assembled structure with an extensive catalogue of accessories.

Note: All Electrical accessories are available in either General Purpose or C1D2 Electrical Configurations.


Structural Options

Segregation of product
  • Separation Walls; Non-Combustible or Fire Rated
  • Provides complete separation of products from sump to roof, to allow for the storage of incompatible products.
Shelving / Pallet Racking Packages
  • Adjustable shelving of 12 ga. galvanized steel
  • Pallet racking – for double stacking pallets, totes or bags
Loading Ramps
  • Allows for easy access when loading the storage unit using a dolly or cart
Lifting Lugs
  • Skid level lifting lugs provide assistance for off-loading using a spreader bar
Flooring Options
  • Steel, fibreglass or painted
Hoisting Options
  • XY Gantry Crane and Hoist – allows for picking up drums outside of the unit and moving drums throughout the storage unit
  • Man-doors, rollup doors, or chain link closures
  • Chain link Extensions
  • Pre-keyed Door

Ventilation Packages

Explosion Relief Venting
  • The explosion vent is designed to release the internal pressure of an explosion to limit damage to the structure. The panel is secured with a pressure relief fastener that releases when pressure inside the building reaches a maximum of 20 psf, allowing the panel to open
Mechanical Ventilation; Continuous or Intermittent
  • Used to reduce the accumulation of hazardous vapour in the storage unit

Lighting Packages

Interior and Exterior packages available
  • Available in GP, C1D2, C1D1 classifications
  • LED or Incandescent

The Pro-Guard design, construction and installation of all lighting equipment shall meet the standards set out in the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I,in so far as is reasonably practicable.

The level of lighting shall be measured for the purposes of tasking and shall be compliant to the level of lighting prescribed by the CEC for each individual task position or area.

Temperature Control

  • Heating Systems
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • HVAC Systems
Insulation Packages
  • Available in R8.4, for the storage of temperature sensitive products

Fire Protection

Fire Rating Packages
  • Provides 2hr fire rated walls for the safety of personnel and infrastructure around the storage unit
Fire Extinguishers
  • Required by the National Fire Code, we can supply 20 or 40 lb fire extinguishers with your storage unit.
Dry Chem Suppression Systems; Pre-Engineered
  • Automatic detection and actuation controls provide 24hr protection.
  • Available in a variety of sizes suited to fit your specific needs.
Integrated Fire Alarm Systems

Safety Extensions

External Grounding Ring Internal Grounding Ring
  • Provides a line for users to round themselves and or each container while dispensing or collecting product. Interior grounding rings are required when dispensing flammable liquids
Sump Liners
Shelf Liners
Spill or Gas Detection Alarm Systems
  • Audible or Visible
Explosion Relief Venting
Emergency Shower
Portable Eyewash Station