Questions we need to ask to ensure you get the proper solutions for your specific needs...

1. What is the Hazardous classification of the product(s) you are storing? This will help to determine if product separation is required.

2. What type of containers are you storing? Drums, pails or bottles or bags? AND what is the quantity of each? This will help determine


With two shops and over 45,000 sqft of manufacturing space on 11 acres of land, our CWB certified manufacturing facility can meet your demands for any size of Hazmat or Chemical Storage building.

  • Overhead Shop Cranes (6 x 10 ton)
  • Approximately 40 Welding Stations

Axiom facilities offer a full complement of Steel Processing Equipment to easily customize your Pro-Guard Chemical Storage Building including: 

  • 10' x 16' Plasma Table
  • 12' - 240 ton Brake
  • Paint Shop

Our 10,000

Check out our Rent to Own Program

70% of the rent may be applied towards the purchase of the equipment.

At any time during the 365 day term the unit may be purchased outright.

At any time the unit can be returned.

Simple straight forward terms.

Product available at our Innisfail location.


Available for both our Emergency Showers and Hazmat / Chemical Storage Buildings. 

Shower Units
Emergency Shower Units
Hazmat Units
Hazardous Materials Storage