At Superior Innovative Solutions we take great pride in the high quality of workmanship and materials that go into the construction of our products. Pro-Guard Hazardous Materials Storage buildings are designed to contain chemical spills that may occur as well as offer the utmost of security for your stored products. With ever increasing vandalism occurring on sites, securing hazardous goods is more important than ever. Pro-Guard buildings have heavy

lockable door handles and are constructed of 12ga hot rolled steel. Buildings constructed of lighter gauge steels can be penetrated with any number of hand tools resulting in theft, product damage, site contamination and risk of injury or death to people (vandals) not aware of the hazards of the products.

When making your next purchase ensure the buildings you are ordering are built to the high standards required for the safe secure storage of hazardous products. Properly constructed buildings that are manufactured with heavy gauge materials should be expected to last for more than 30 years.

Choose Pro-Guard Hazardous Materials Storage buildings for the security of your products and the environment.


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